Maximize your home’s value now.
Pay after your home sells.


A small upfront investment can yield a big payoff when selling
your home. To help with that process, Windermere Ready provides a loan to cover the costs of upgrades like painting, landscaping, cleaning, and staging. You’ll receive the funds quickly and pay nothing until your home sells. I will work with you to determine which improvements will have the biggest impact at market. You can choose your own service providers, or I can connect you with experienced local contractors.





Together, we'll inspect your house to look for areas that can benefit from renovations and repairs. We will assist you in selecting the changes that will yield the highest return while keeping your timeframe and needs in mind.

We will connect you with our recommended neighborhood service providers, help with a work schedule, and set up access to your property once we have determined the top priorities for home repair.

Even the smallest adjustments can have a tremendous impact, no matter how minor they may seem. These, in our opinion, are some of the most beneficial:

  • Landscaping
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Floor Repair/Refinishing
  • Carpet Cleaning/Replacement
  • De-cluttering
  • Window Washing
  • Professional Deep Cleaning
  • Fixture Repair/Replacement
  • Cosmetic Updates
  • Punch List Repairs

Plus dozens of other high-impact home improvements and services.

When your house is ready for the spotlight, we'll stage it expertly, which can drastically improve your house and increase your revenue. According to statistics, staged homes sell 87% quicker and for 17% more money than unstaged properties, according to

  • Prior to listing, sellers who undertake improvements and repairs typically sell their properties faster and for more money. However, because every property and project is different, no guarantees can be made about the outcomes.
  • If authorized, a deed of trust may be used to secure your loan against the property you currently own (the "Collateral Property"), at the lender's exclusive discretion. The Collateral Property must be a condominium unit or residential real estate improved with 1-4 dwelling units. Whether a program is offered will depend on where the property is located and whether services are offered in that state. We don't offer loans with commercial real estate, cooperatives, or unoccupied land as collateral.
  • Included in the total amount of debt secured by the collateral property is the Windermere Ready loan, which has a maximum debt-to-value ratio of 75%. A comparative market analysis (CMA), which must be completed by a Windermere Broker, will be used to determine fair market value.
  • No later than the day the loan is funded, you must enter into a listing contract with the Windermere broker who created the CMA for the Collateral Property. After funding, the Collateral Property must be listed for sale within sixty days. Once the loan is entirely repaid, the Collateral Property must continue to be actively listed with the same Windermere company.
  • The loan has a six-month term. Although there are no regular payments required, the loan must be repaid in full either upon the sale of the Collateral Property or at the end of the period, whichever occurs first.
  • The maximum loan available is $100,000.00. Only renovations to the collateral property that are necessary before putting it for sale may be financed with loan funds (such as new carpet, paint, repairs, landscaping, etc.).
  • The loan fee, which is incorporated into the loan amount, is 4.00% of the total loan amount.
  • The borrower incurs no out-of-pocket costs.
  • In addition, borrowers pay additional third-party costs that are incorporated into the loan.

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