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Exploring the Generosity of Renton: A Guide to the Free Services Offered by the City to Assist those in Need

By Tanya Barrans

Exploring the Generosity of Renton: A Guide to the Free Services Offered by the City to Assist those in Need The City of Renton is dedicated to supporting its residents in every way possible, especially those who are facing challenges and difficult circumstances. Whether it’s due to financial struggles, health issues, or other life challenges, […]

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Shop Local, Shop Small in Renton, WA!

By Tanya Barrans

Shop Local, Shop Small in Renton, WA! Support local businesses with a shopping spree   Renton is a city of about 107,000 residents in Washington state, about 10 miles southeast of Seattle. It occupies an area of approximately 24-square-miles and is considered an “inner-ring suburb.” Renton neighborhoods quickly grew in the post-WWII era (1946-1964) and are […]

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7 Things to Know Before Moving to Renton

By Tanya Barrans

HOME SHOP LOCAL EVENTS NEWS BLOG MOVE TO RENTON HIRE A LOCAL PRO CONTACT US 7 Things to Know Before Moving to Renton Are you planning to relocate to Renton pretty soon? Whether the move is because of your job or your kids’ schooling, know that Renton is a beautiful city that offers a solid […]

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