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Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Jackie and Damu Maples, the dynamic duo behind Top of the Hill Quality Produce and Meats in Renton, WA. With their passion for quality products and exceptional customer service, they have created a local business that stands out from the rest. Join me as we dive into their journey, community support, and what makes their store a must-visit destination.

Starting Strong

Jackie and Damu's story begins as a partnership with three other individuals. After taking over a store in Newcastle, they merged the businesses and eventually bought out their partners. In 2015, they assumed complete ownership and have been running the business successfully for the past seven years. Jackie, who previously worked in textiles, joined Damu full-time after they got married, and their shared dedication and hard work have been instrumental in their success.

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Thriving Amidst Challenges

One cannot talk about running a business without acknowledging the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the difficulties, Jackie and Damu persevered, motivated by the rush of business that came their way. Their ability to adapt and the continuous support from the community served as a driving force during these uncertain times.

The Power of Community

Community support has been the backbone of Top of the Hill Quality Produce and Meats. With a strong and loyal following, the store has become a beloved fixture in the Renton Highlands. Customers who have been shopping here for years have created lasting connections, with some even working for Jackie and Damu during their college breaks. It is heartwarming to witness the growth and impact their business has had on the local community.

Delicious Offerings

With an array of mouthwatering options, Top of the Hill Quality Produce and Meats has something for everyone. The beef is a clear customer favorite, but they also offer delectable house-made jerky, pepperoni, and various smoked meats. Their in-house sausages are a must-try, bursting with flavor and made with care. Whether you're a steak lover or a fan of Italian sausages, you'll find a wide selection to satisfy your cravings.

Quality and Locally Sourced Goods

What sets Top of the Hill apart from nearby grocery stores? It all boils down to their focus on quality and exceptional customer service. In the summer months, around 75% of their stock comes from Washington farms, ensuring freshness and supporting local producers. Jackie and Damu personally visit the farms to maintain close relationships and guarantee the highest quality for their customers. The meat department is equally impressive, sourcing all their meat from Oregon and maintaining a Pacific Northwest vibe.

Celebrating Success

It's no surprise that Top of the Hill has received nominations and won the Best of Renton award. Their dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has been recognized by the local community, and the accolades are well-deserved. Jackie and Damu's continuous commitment to excellence sets them apart in the industry and keeps customers coming back for more.

For aspiring entrepreneurs looking to open their own business, Jackie and Damu have some valuable advice. Find your niche and be fully committed to your vision. Half-hearted efforts won't take you far, so pour your heart and soul into your venture, and success will follow.

To their loyal customers, Jackie and Damu extend their heartfelt gratitude. They express their deep appreciation for the unwavering support and assure customers that they will always be there for them. To those who haven't yet experienced Top of the Hill Quality Produce and Meats, they invite you to discover Renton's best-kept secret and explore the treasures that await you on the hill.

Final Thoughts

As I wrap up my interview with Jackie and Damu Maples, the owners of Top of the Hill Quality Produce and Meats, I am left inspired by their passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to their business and community. Their journey is a testament to the power of hard work and the incredible impact a local business can have.

So, if you haven't already, make sure to visit Top of the Hill and experience the freshness, quality, and warm hospitality that await you. Until next time, Renton residents, stay tuned for more exciting local business spotlights!

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