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Opening a successful restaurant requires a combination of passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and a keen understanding of the local culinary scene. For Yovani and Hector Hernandez, brothers and business partners, their journey began a decade ago with the launch of Pizza Dudes. Recently, they expanded their horizons by venturing into a new realm with Taco Dudes & Caribbean. In another exciting edition of Renton Community Spotlight, the brothers shed light on their culinary endeavors and the motivation behind their expansion.

The Beginning of a Culinary Adventure

Brothers Yovani and Hector Hernandez embarked on a mission 10 years ago when they opened Pizza Dudes in Renton, Washington. Instead of pursuing college, their father proposed the idea of starting a business together. At the time, Yovani had aspirations of becoming a mechanic, while his brother Hector had an interest in auto shop. Embracing the opportunity to be their own bosses, they embarked on the journey that would shape their future.

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With a shared passion for pizza and a desire to offer a unique dining experience, the brothers dove headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship.

A Passion for Pizza

When I asked about their initial choice to open a pizza place, Yovani explains, "Everybody loves pizza." It's a sentiment shared by many, except for the occasional outlier like one of my friends or my son, who don't quite share the same enthusiasm. However, for Yovani and Hector, pizza was a clear choice. They aimed to bring a homemade touch to their pizzas, focusing on using fresh, quality ingredients. From making their own sausage and beef to carefully selecting the toppings, Pizza Dudes became known for its distinctive flavor and attention to detail.

Over the course of 10 years, Pizza Dudes has experienced its fair share of ups and downs, but the Hernandez brothers have weathered the storms and remained steadfast in their commitment to serving delicious pizzas to the Renton community. With their success firmly established, they decided to expand their culinary endeavors and open Taco Dudes & Caribbean just a year and a half ago.

Taco Dudes & Caribbean: A New Adventure

When questioned about the driving force behind launching their taco venture, Hector confidently states, "Renton needs a good taco place." And they were determined to fill that gap. Much like in Pizza Dudes, the brothers bring their homemade touch to Taco Dudes & Caribbean. They strive to create everything from scratch, ensuring that each dish is made with love and care. From the Pineapple Pork (Al Pastor) to the Taco de Birria and the Tiger King sandwich with sautéed shrimp, garlic, and ginger, their menu reflects their passion for flavorful and unique creations.


The Hernandez brothers take pride in their culinary creations and value the feedback they receive from their customers. They are delighted when patrons praise their food, whether it's the mouthwatering pizzas or the delectable tacos and sandwiches. Hearing such positive feedback brings joy not only to them but also to the dedicated staff working tirelessly behind the scenes.

When reflecting on the family aspect of their business, Yovani explains that it's not just him and his brother. Their mother also plays a vital role in the daily operations of the restaurants. Working closely with family members creates a unique dynamic, filled with love, support, and occasional sibling banter. They appreciate the opportunity to work together, even if they occasionally tire of seeing each other's faces.

The Renton community has warmly embraced Pizza Dudes and Taco Dudes & Caribbean, offering a welcoming and supportive environment. The brothers value the positive vibes and interactions they have with their customers. They take great pride in the food they serve and find happiness in hearing how much people enjoy it. Having grown up in Renton, attending local schools such as Bryn Mawr Elementary, Dimmitt Middle School, and Renton High School, the Hernandez brothers have deep roots in the community.

Reflecting on the changes in Renton over the years, Yovani mentions the growth and increased population. Downtown Renton has undergone positive transformations, and the brothers are appreciative of the support they receive from the community.


Final Thoughts

As I chatted with Yovani and Hector, one thing became abundantly clear: their passion for delivering exceptional food experiences to their community. It wasn't just about running a business; it was about creating a warm, inviting space where people could come together and enjoy delicious food. It was about building a sense of belonging and creating lasting memories.

So, the next time you're in Renton and find yourself in need of a pizza fix or craving some Caribbean-infused tacos, make sure to pay a visit to Pizza Dudes or Taco Dudes & Caribbean. Not only will you be treated to mouthwatering dishes made with love and care, but you'll also be supporting local entrepreneurs who are on a mission to bring joy and culinary excellence to our community.

Remember, whether you're a pizza aficionado or a taco lover, the Hernandez brothers have got you covered. And who knows what culinary adventure they'll embark on next? One thing is for sure - wherever their journey takes them, Renton is in for a treat!

Stay tuned for more Renton Community Spotlight episodes where we'll continue to explore the incredible people and businesses that make our city shine. Until then, keep discovering, keep supporting, and keep enjoying the flavors that bring us all together.

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